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In a society of being called Blue People that are only born as a half, a Blue Person loses contact with their other half. They go on a journey to figure out what happened.

Loanna asks her Iya why everyone calls her two-headed and Iya tells the story of what happened just before Loanna was born; how she bartered with the god Ajala to receive two heads instead of one.

A Jewish family in Brooklyn must contemplate their own zealous beliefs when it develops into a mental disorder in their six-year-old son.

A middle-aged chorus member lives for years with her parents after her husband leaves her for their male chorus director. Though she stays close friends with her former husband, she feels betrayed when she gets in an argument with the director and is asked to leave the chorus for good.

In an integrating society, an unprejudiced son and his racist mother encounter a Black family on a bus, forcing the mother to grapple with her racist sentiments.

When he discovers gold near his village, an African man dissatisfied with his lot in life develops new obsessions, flouts old responsibilities, and ultimately loses more than he gains.

A young woman grows up without magic in a magical family and society, with strict rules and roles that are often tied to gender. When she sets off on a journey and her adult life begins, she finds her worldview tested—especially when members of her family come out as transgender and begin to transition.

A 5-year-old boy with a unique way of seeing the world feels alienated from his mother and tells her that he does not need her anymore. This viewpoint later causes him to lash out at his family, leading him to reflect on himself and his life.

A group of five families gather at a farmhouse in Vermont over Columbus Day weekend for their annual vacation. As the weekend drags on, they begin to realize that life has become more complicated and they may be slowly drifting apart.

An Indian college student returns home for Diwali for the first time in two years. Upon his return, he must decide if he will please his dying father by getting married, or tell his family about his dreams to study in America.