Short stories tagged with Melancholy Ending

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A self-hating self-help celebrity prepares to levy a shocking accusation against her ex-boyfriend.

A group of five families gather at a farmhouse in Vermont over Columbus Day weekend for their annual vacation. As the weekend drags on, they begin to realize that life has become more complicated and they may be slowly drifting apart.

A young boy living in America recalls his childhood in Jamaica living with his grandmother and reflects on the importance of his childhood friendships and familial relationships.

A longtime dentist's receptionist accepts a dinner invitation from a new coworker and her boyfriend; as the evening unfolds, the women realize they both have traumas in their past.

A lonely, grieving man attends a divorce party and ruminates on the state of his life and affairs. He becomes inspired by a beautiful pet tortoise and finally finds the emotional release that he has been seeking since he suffered a tragic loss for which he blames himself.

In Vietnam War-era America, a young boy fills his days playing a “game” in which he reenacts his father’s battlefield death in Vietnam. But fun and games soon put his loved ones in real danger.