Short stories published in The Kenyon Review

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Three boys wreak havoc upon a woman's Georgia property and refuse to leave.

When two very different women suffer a car crash, a one-sided friendship soon becomes a bitter court battle which ends in tragedy.

In present-day New York City, a young Colombian woman strikes up a friendship with an older Columbian man fleeing the memory of his kidnapping and subsequently finds relief from her own trauma.

Two men decide to let another man join in their intellectual conversation. They discover that the new man has bizarre beliefs, such as believing that the world doesn't exist, and the two men try to show him the error of his ways.

On her walk home, a white Southern girl is asked by a Black convict for a small, simple favor. After she refuses to comply out of fear, she is haunted by guilt.

Visiting Tokyo in the 1980s, a Swedish aspiring civil rights attorney from Minnesota spends her last night with a Japanese lover.

A mother constrained by the ceaseless demands of her husband and teenage daughter finds escape on the back of a majestic horse.

A lesbian couple moves from America to Malacca, Malaysia, where they find jobs as schoolteachers and their relationship slowly unravels.

A hungover young man marvels at a beautiful Southern plaza, reminisces his past, wonders about the future, and finds himself wondering what is happening around him.

When an Iraq veteran goes missing, his friends reenact their wartime routines to lure him out of hiding.