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At a North American winter resort, an arthritic old man challenges a pair of young men to a series of physical challenges to prove that, despite his age and illness, he is still strong.

A lesbian couple moves from America to Malacca, Malaysia, where they find jobs as schoolteachers and their relationship slowly unravels.

A German hotel owner in Hawaii experiences a jolt of excitement in his life when a young woman who loves literature and detests flights as much as he does checks in his hotel with her husband.

A woman who lives happily in hotel rooms is shaken when her husband suddenly decides he wants a new life.

On a trip to Basel, a man falls in love with a middle-aged writer’s muse, creating a love triangle destined to fall apart under the weight of the old writer’s age.

A man’s inflated ego and desire for luxury leads him on a whirlwind trip of cheating, scamming, and drinking across continents.

When an elderly woman moves to Illinois to spend the rest of her days peacefully, a new friendship stirs up previously unknown passions in her bosom.

When a New York woman learns that her assistant’s husband cut his middle finger off during a fight, she can’t help but dwell on her assistant’s luck with men and her own inferiority.