Short stories published in Fools

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A young man recently dumped by his boyfriend finds both solace and conviction in memories of his past and an unusual romantic memoir from the 1950s. But the more he delves into the book and his memories, the greater his feelings of pain and regret.

Two worlds collide at an upper-class event, where a man working for a charity grovels for donations, and a millionaire French aristocrat looks for a cause that will make her seem altruistic.

A young anarchist woman married to a man with the same political views navigates the complexities of religion and forbidden attraction as she watches her friends' marriage collapse due to the wife's conversion to Christianity.

A man is forced to confront his disdain for religion when he develops a relationship with a Jewish woman who converts to Islam. Even after separating, their differing approaches to faith cause them to continually clash until the man finally recognizes what divides them.

A man’s inflated ego and desire for luxury leads him on a whirlwind trip of cheating, scamming, and drinking across continents.

The daughter of draft-defying anarchists in the post-World War II era marries a man whose father died in the war. As their differing pasts lead to resentment in the present, she engages in deception and affairs as a means of finding freedom from his presence.