Short stories tagged with Secrecy

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After a young woman receives a secret message from a flying saucer, she refuses to reveal it and suffers as a social outcast.

In the mid-twentieth-century South, a black mother's greed has haunting consequences for her and her coveted son.

Set around the 1940s, a thirteen-year-old boy pursues the purchase of a puppy he saw in a newspaper ad, and receives an unexpected sexual experience from the woman who sells him the dog.

A young girl's mother goes to the hospital for an operation without explaining to her family what she is sick with or when she will return home.

An older mother frets over her third, most troublesome and combative daughter, who may be having an affair.

Vincent's new mysterious lover lives in fear of a murderer she calls "Mr. Destronelli." As their relationship develops and she slowly loses her mind, she becomes convinced that every man she's ever been with has actually been Mr. Destronelli in disguise — including Vincent.

After three bodies wash up on shore in her town, a teenage girl grapples with her dead twin sister's struggle with self-harm and suicidal thoughts, all while she tries to live her own life.

Caught up in the gossip and bustle of wedding preparations, a wedding dress designer strains to keep all involved parties happy and receives the confidences of the privately despairing bride.

The daughter of draft-defying anarchists in the post-World War II era marries a man whose father died in the war. As their differing pasts lead to resentment in the present, she engages in deception and affairs as a means of finding freedom from his presence.