Short stories tagged with Dinner Party

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An overweight journalist navigates a strange friendship with a legendary writer and finds his life curiously entwined with one of the writer's students, a fiery young girl.

In 1000 BC, a fortune teller’s ominous prophecies of destruction to come dampens the mood at a luxurious dinner party held in the Northern Africa city of Audoghast.

En route home from a dinner party with her husband, a woman reflects on the death of their young daughter and the omnipresence of tragedy in their lives.

After a tense dinner party at a wealthier family's house, a young girl and her family get into a car accident that sets the girl's life on a dark and magical trajectory. Once she grows older, she sets out on a road trip with hopes to leave her haunting past behind and start anew elsewhere.

A middle-aged writer attends a friend's party while his wife is away with the children, but he struggles to enjoy his time as he finds himself caught uncomfortably in the middle of the arguments, declarations of love, and existential crises of the other guests.

A longtime dentist's receptionist accepts a dinner invitation from a new coworker and her boyfriend; as the evening unfolds, the women realize they both have traumas in their past.

A Canadian graduate student and his wife are living in France and often socialize with their peers at concerts and dinner parties. They soon make friends with an established novelist, but as the student continues to meet people he begins to question who he can trust and who his real friends are.

An older mother frets over her third, most troublesome and combative daughter, who may be having an affair.

A jockey becomes heated after a big race and disrespects those around him.

A mysterious orchestra conductor who has grown a tail generates intrigue among members of New York's high society and captures the attention of a princess.