Short stories by Bruce Sterling

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A bike repairman who takes medication to turn off his libido receives a strange package that leads to an undercover federal agent breaking into his shop and a conspiracy about an artificial intelligence and a senator coming to light.

In 1000 BC, a fortune teller’s ominous prophecies of destruction to come dampens the mood at a luxurious dinner party held in the Northern Africa city of Audoghast.

Two people die of drug overdose and flu and never meet each other, never get married, and never live their seedy, disappointing lives.

In a near-future world, a civilian is caught in a strange criminal investigation when his AI device—which gives him advice about acts of kindness to perform—leads him to be a pawn in a software pirate's revenge scheme.

A man reviews a book written by an esteemed scientist, which detailedly describes a series of events collectively known as the “neural chernobyl,” and speculates about the future of this ongoing biological disaster.

A male human travels to a seemingly unintelligent alien population with the secret goal of gaining their genetic information to clone them, creating enslaved workers.