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When the devoted wife of a Yiddish writer recruits a young man to translate her husband's work in 1960's New York, the young man must contemplate his priorities and mission in life.

A man lives with his greyhound on a desert island reflects after a recent apocalypse brings all of the world’s towers crashing down. He writes letters to a distant friend, whom he hasn’t heard from in a long time but still hopes to meet in person one day.

An Indian tour guide takes a second-generation Indian-American family to a tourist destination. When the wife becomes fascinated with the tour guide's other job as a doctor's interpreter, the tour guide entertains romantic fantasies about her.

In a near-future world, a civilian is caught in a strange criminal investigation when his AI device—which gives him advice about acts of kindness to perform—leads him to be a pawn in a software pirate's revenge scheme.

A mother and her thirteen-year-old son spend their first Christmas in Galway, where festivities go smoothly until the son suddenly disappears the morning after Christmas.

After his wife's death, a man strikes up a romance with a new woman — as well as an unexpected friendship with the woman's ex-husband.

One year out from a chaotic relationship, a woman reflects on her former lover. When she receives a surprise missive from him, it dredges up lingering feelings.

An American man on a train in France encounters a peasant man and his family who try to speak to him despite the fact that French is not his first language.

A U.S state department official encounters an infatuation on his trip to Eastern Europe that ends in despair.

A white American man and a Chinese-American woman visit the woman's family in China. After the woman's cousin compares the woman's Chinese to a toddler's, she stops speaking English and decides she wants to stay in China for awhile before returning, to reconnect with her family and her place of birth. Upon returning to the United States alone, the man, initially disinterested and unmotivated, begins to learn Chinese.