Short stories published in AGNI

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On their honeymoon in present-day Rome, two newlyweds encounter a rift when the wife’s demands that their in-vitro child be Jewish doesn’t sit well with her atheist husband.

An Indian tour guide takes a second-generation Indian-American family to a tourist destination. When the wife becomes fascinated with the tour guide's other job as a doctor's interpreter, the tour guide entertains romantic fantasies about her.

Despite living in a world where climate change has led to titanic hurricanes, ceaseless drought and famine, and an abandonment of the old world, a New York City father worries about his burgeoning art career.

A man whose body has suffered as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome persists on—despite the bullying and naysayers—as a successful pediatric surgeon and an accomplished wrestler.

In civil war-stricken Burundi of 1994, a divorced expatriate posing as a blindfolded chess grandmaster meets another imposter pulling off the same con as him.

After her 10-year-old brother dies from AIDS, an adolescent girl's family moves to a less affluent neighborhood in Florida due to their extensive medical bills. When the girl babysits her new neighbors, two young Black girls, she reckons with subtle questions around race, wealth, class, and grief.

One day in a public garden a widowed housewife recalls a humiliating luncheon with her husband's mistress.