Short stories by Tom Bissell

TOM BISSELL was born in Escanaba, Michigan, in 1974. His short fiction has won two Pushcart Prizes and has been published in multiple editions of The Best American Series. He has also written eight works of nonfiction, including Apostle and (with Greg Sestero) The Disaster Artist, as well as many screenplays for video games and television. Bissell lives in Los Angeles with his family.

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On their honeymoon in present-day Rome, two newlyweds encounter a rift when the wife’s demands that their in-vitro child be Jewish doesn’t sit well with her atheist husband.

A middle-aged, male photojournalist from the Midwest reports in Afghanistan alongside a journalist from England. The photojournalist ponders death and human conflict as his day spirals into disarray and the English journalist’s malaria becomes frighteningly serious.