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A young woman tries to attract the attention of a colonel so that she can live a comfortable life.

An old woman takes a day trip through the Mexican town of La Luz. After one of her appointments is unexpectedly cancelled, she must find new ways to spend her day.

After a month of preparing, a couple finally picks the perfect day to go see the baby kangaroo at the zoo, only to greet the day with argument and thoughts of potential disappointment.

After his unhappy mother announces she will move homes once again, he and his girlfriend visit her one last time.

The landlord of a New York City Brownstone is murdered and through a series of overlapping anecdotes, one of his tenants claims to have solved the mystery.

A quiet gardener and shopkeeper defies her town's cruel gossips to shelter a destitute young woman.

A man flies back to the country of his birth and reckons with people and places he longer seems to know.

A young anarchist woman married to a man with the same political views navigates the complexities of religion and forbidden attraction as she watches her friends' marriage collapse due to the wife's conversion to Christianity.

A family going for a ride in their new car makes a wrong turn onto an incredibly trafficked freeway leading to an unknown place.

A disabled, non-devout man tries to love God more than his wife who died after an angelic visitation from Heaven causes her to bleed to death.