Short stories tagged with Humanity

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A nameless person tells a story of when they had an intimate conversation over dinner with a former schoolmate whom they idealized.

A teenage girl’s life changes in the course of one night when she meets her attractive vampire protector and is charged with saving the world.

After a month of preparing, a couple finally picks the perfect day to go see the baby kangaroo at the zoo, only to greet the day with argument and thoughts of potential disappointment.

Professor gives a talk about the human appetite for death

A few men gather in a small house to discuss what makes humanity unique as compared to the rest of nature.

When a teenage girl discovers that she holds the prophesied power to overturn the balance between vampires and humans, both species struggle to get hold of her first.

A space traveler visiting Earth is subjected to all the dark experiences of being human and eventually loses hold of his/her own identity.

In a realistic sci-fi world, a mystery writer nurtures his robot servant's interest in becoming a writer as well, paying for a series of expensive upgrades such that the robot can understand spelling, grammar, plot, human behavior, and humor. However, when the robot's talent threatens to surpass his own, the egotistical writer demands the robot's mind be restored to its original state.

A brilliant little boy is taken to an elite school in space to learn how to fight "buggers", insect-like aliens who have attacked Earth in the past and will likely attack again. Along the way, he is forced to participate in acts of extreme violence that challenge who he believes himself to be.

Humanity has long been gone, and the logical machine known as Frost learns about humanity and begins to grow humans with robot consciousnesses in labs.