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In a Southern suburban dystopia, war rages between man and machine. While engaged in ruthless combat, a corporal is forced to rethink what it means to be truly free.

In a world where most humans have died off, a group of robots is left to learn how to operate in the world for themselves.

Humanity has long been gone, and the logical machine known as Frost learns about humanity and begins to grow humans with robot consciousnesses in labs.

Facing liquidation due to public mistrust of robotic life-forms, a historic robotics company introduces a new eco-friendly form of robot in hopes of improving robot-human coexistence only to accidentally pave the way for robot domination of life on Earth.

A woman tries to find a way for her son to survive in deep space after the apocalypse while being hunted by a beast.

In a futuristic America, over the course of 200 years, a unique robot becomes an artist, a historian, and an inventor. He starts to wear clothes and invents human-like organs for his body, but what he wants more than anything is to be legally recognized as a man. After an operation that makes him mortal, the world congress rules in his favor and the world president grants him the honor of humanity.

A female professor at a contemporary university remembers an old conversation with a former teacher of hers, which prompts her to reconsider her job, solitude, and love of reading.