Short stories tagged with Farming

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During World War II, a boy moves to the big city from agrarian Alabama. Astounded by the lack of greenery, he convinces a local gang to build a farm, but not everyone agrees with his plan.

A poor white sharecropper and his Cherokee wife must decide if they will allow their youngest son to leave their home with a wealthy lawyer and become a player for the town's football team.

In a world where most humans have died off, a group of robots is left to learn how to operate in the world for themselves.

After having a disturbing nightmare concerning his family, an elderly veteran in 1910's Virginia buys a packet of fire grenades to ward off approaching harm.

Following the death of her father, a prominent country doctor, a young girl must navigate both her dream of being a music teacher and her position as the eldest child in the family.

An innocent introductory French course called la Muerte teaches vocabulary, by describing a typical farm until the farmer disappears.

On a farm in upstate New York, a new farm hand meets a girl, but things get complicated when they find out she's a minor.

An old man reflects on his youth in the countryside in twentieth-century Kentucky, and thinks of the freedom now lost to industrialization and displacement.

A farming town in Kansas contains a strange woman and her daughter, which seem to be connected with the earth and farming yields. When the daughter is taken from the town, the land seems to go barren.

A young boy goes away for the weekend to pick potatoes with his friends and evaluates his friendships along the way.