Short stories tagged with Misunderstanding

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In mid-20th century Paris, a young woman ends her engagement, hoping to be with another man. When things do not go as planned, however, the young woman struggles to meet both her own wants and desires and her parents' expectations.

An overweight journalist navigates a strange friendship with a legendary writer and finds his life curiously entwined with one of the writer's students, a fiery young girl.

On a farm in upstate New York, a new farm hand meets a girl, but things get complicated when they find out she's a minor.

Over dinner, an observer reflects on mothers and their omnipresent prevalence in children’s lives.

After surprising her new boyfriend by inviting her entire family to their Thanksgiving dinner, a woman panics as her perfect plan devolves into chaos.

In his new job as an English professor, Tarzan finds himself annoyed by his students, hounded by his department chair, and alienated by the world around him, with solace only from his girlfriend Jane. Naturally, hijinks ensue.

A white couple host a child from Kenya. While their guest is not disruptive, the wife's initial affection wanes as she finds the girl to not act as she wishes.

As he witnesses his neighbor being kidnapped, Kyle must make a choice to either defy his strict, overbearing parents or remain silent.