Short stories by Mavis Gallant

Mavis Leslie de Trafford GallantCC, née Young (11 August 1922 – 18 February 2014), was a Canadian writer who spent much of her life and career in France.[1] Best known as a short story writer, she also published novels, plays and essays.

Listing 9 stories.

In mid-20th century Paris, a young woman ends her engagement, hoping to be with another man. When things do not go as planned, however, the young woman struggles to meet both her own wants and desires and her parents' expectations.

A wealthy American divorcée who lives in Paris struggles to maintain her social graces when her adult daughter’s mental health dramatically declines and her marriage deteriorates.

A beloved yet dim-witted uncle averts disaster when a wasp attack interrupts a mundane luncheon party in the bourgeois home of a Parisian magistrate.

An old linguistics researcher is ousted from his university position on the frontier of a small island he acculturated. Upon his return home, he begins to believe that he and his life's work are marginal.

A man is trapped in a marriage. The death of his wife, a once beautiful but oblivious French socialite, is his only escape.

When an art gallery owner in Paris decides to bring an old, dead painter back into popularity, he must first deal with the painter’s fascist beliefs and manipulative widow.

M. Alexandre Caisse gathers an assembly of building residents to air their grievances, discuss recent intrusions, commiserate over the deterioration of their building and their culture, and generally fill the room with strong opinions.

A Canadian graduate student and his wife are living in France and often socialize with their peers at concerts and dinner parties. They soon make friends with an established novelist, but as the student continues to meet people he begins to question who he can trust and who his real friends are.

When a dying Englishman forcefully relocates his family to France for his final resting place, their family falls into disruption during the long years of his unexpected remission.