Short stories tagged with Female Friendships

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A wealthy American divorcée who lives in Paris struggles to maintain her social graces when her adult daughter’s mental health dramatically declines and her marriage deteriorates.

A woman navigates her new life and her relationship with her criminally insane husband, who killed her three children.

When a friend's wedding forces her to reunite with both a past flame and her former abuser, a young woman must confront some old wounds.

A middle-aged woman reflects on the strangeness and wildness of adolescence as she watches her best friend's teenage son behave in ways that hurt himself and others. As his behavior worsens, the women struggle to find the courage to confront him.

A longtime dentist's receptionist accepts a dinner invitation from a new coworker and her boyfriend; as the evening unfolds, the women realize they both have traumas in their past.

Two women from different countries working for the same international social media company meet unexpectedly and become friends. Together, they expose the unjust, unfair treatment that they and their coworkers have been suffering through at their content moderation jobs.

A former nun turned high school principal must contend with an incompetent and apathetic teacher at her high school.