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In 2017, a young boy in suburban Maryland is stuck watching his grandfather, an alcoholic former advertising executive who still sees the ghost of the son he killed.

After his death, a Judge converses with an old friend and a philosopher about the reality of an afterlife and grapples with the idea of regaining people he’s missed his entire life.

A young girl feels under-appreciated and left out during a family trip to Italy when her older sister and their college-age babysitter engage in a romantic affair.

A bipolar screenwriter in a New York City psych ward falls in love with a depressed Yugoslavian ballerina.

A former nun turned high school principal must contend with an incompetent and apathetic teacher at her high school.

A Mexican man brings his newly acquainted yet mysterious fisherman friend along to a restaurant located in Santa Cruz, and havoc ensues.

In an increasingly inappropriate recorded message to a customer, a department store clerk compares their product complaint to kangaroos he saw at the local zoo.

An American man on a train in France encounters a peasant man and his family who try to speak to him despite the fact that French is not his first language.

When a middle-aged man is visited by his wife’s two orthodox friends from Jerusalem, the husband finds his secular Jewish lifestyle in South Florida under attack. To clear the air between them, the two couples smoke weed.