Short stories tagged with Family Plot

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In 2017, a young boy in suburban Maryland is stuck watching his grandfather, an alcoholic former advertising executive who still sees the ghost of the son he killed.

A young Arizonian boy is kidnapped twice: first, by his father during a custody battle, and second, by a prostitute with something to prove.

While visiting her estranged father in Paris, a little girl makes a friend with an initially unwelcome critter.

When a married couple announces that they are getting a divorce, their best friends who are also a couple are forced to confront what this configuration means for their social life.

After it is announced that an apocalyptic event that will destroy all life in the universe, an astrophysicist and her gardener mother meet in near-future England to decide how to spend the last months of life.

When a young woman in a contemporary American city witnesses her father cheating on her mother, her entire world crashes down around her.

After his grandson’s estranged mother comes back to town, a man must struggle with his long-held sexual attraction for the woman, his son’s ex-girlfriend.

When a man moves in to a new home down the road from a strange couple, he finds himself audience to a sad and bitter series of events replete with bouts of poverty, marital drama, infidelity, and abandonment.

When a young adult moves back to Connecticut to take care of her cancer-afflicted mother, she’s confronted by her solitude as she navigates her sex life, aimlessness, and desire to be a mother herself.