Short stories published in Colorado Review

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In small town in Iowa, a woman who works at the American Gothic House forms a relationship with a famed serial killer. She begins to think about violence, death, and who has the power to kill.

A man in his thirties recounts two separate memories: being stranded in the middle of a blocked highway, and waiting for his partner inside an abortion clinic. Years after these events have occurred, he contemplates the similarities between them.

After being sent to Cambridge because of a recent suicide attempt, a young man from the South is offered a sexual way out of his depression.

When a young adult moves back to Connecticut to take care of her cancer-afflicted mother, she’s confronted by her solitude as she navigates her sex life, aimlessness, and desire to be a mother herself.

A young girl dreams of becoming the first famous Dominican geologist, but when her brother commits suicide, she must abandon her dreams and take care of her family.