Short stories tagged with Selfishness

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A man living on a TV show struggles to reconcile his privileged, wealthy lifestyle with the American-driven horrors occurring elsewhere in the world — especially when they begin to show up in his backyard.

In seventeenth-century Delft, a fanatically curious fabric merchant invents the microscope. Even as he neglects and abuses his family, he discovers a new world of life.

When a Chinese American female triathlete dates a Burmese man, she does so because she wants sex. But when the man starts to make her feel happy, she pulls away, caring more about her own sexual satisfaction than the man's emotions or her own.

Fresh out of a stint in the army, a young journalism student confronts suicide, isolation, and dilettantism as he drives his alcoholic mother from New York to Connecticut.

An African woman who works for a wealthy movie director must survive his questionable whims when a deadly pandemic forces them to quarantine in his mansion.

A woman with minimal relationship experience deals with the aftermath of her choice between her first love and her sick father.

After an NYU student attempts suicide, he tries to navigate the awkwardness of his friend group and continues to pine after a girl who has a boyfriend.

After Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, an alcoholic leaves her apartment to loot—but when she's gravely injured by sharp debris, she has to rely on the kindness of others to reach safety in a dog-eat-dog world.

The nephew of a deceased housekeeper goes around to different apartments of high society figures in New York City, asking the housekeeper’s past employers if they can spend some money for her funeral arrangements.

Mourning the death of their brother, two sisters bring back his ghost by inflicting cruel pranks on each other.