Short stories tagged with Haunting

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A man working at a communications community wants a new job. His coworker promises him one, so long as the man helps to hide human body parts.

A man’s game with his son turns into something more sinister when he finds out that his son is seeing things that he isn’t.

When a lesbian couple moves into a haunted house whose lease they can't break, they must change their way of life to adapt to their eerie surroundings.

An anonymous, disturbed man travels aimlessly across the desert, murdering families within their own homes in a slew of small-town and highway killings.

In a small town in present-day America where an ominous legend and a recent string of male disappearances have unnerved the public imagination, a hitchhiker and a barefoot traveler tread in the dark woods.

After briefly meeting a mysterious little girl at a movie theater, a middle-aged New York City widow finds herself haunted by an inexplicable spirit.

Two designers visit a historic English hotel with an attached maze, looking to propose a redesign of the property. As the maze entices them in mysterious manners, they come to uncover the dark history that continues to live on within its hedges.

In Arizona at the turn of the twentieth century, three black women— a motel owner, her partner, and the motel’s cook— receive a threatening visit from the son of the motel owner's former partner. As the women and the cook’s son deal with the aftermath of the man’s visit, they confront the curses and bad juju that haunts the motel owner’s past and shapes their present.

Terrence and Ruth, a middle-aged couple, move house for a fresh start - but their new house is in disrepair. Ruth contends with sickness, unfulfillment, and her staling marriage while laboriously cleaning it.

Mourning the death of their brother, two sisters bring back his ghost by inflicting cruel pranks on each other.