Short stories published in 1946

Listing 35 stories.

A Jewish soldier receives a letter from his father in America which details his experiences with Anti-Semitism, and causes him to reflect on his own life. He realizes that his friends have not faced the discrimination he has, but is glad when they acknowledge this and treat him the way they always have — as an equal.

A robot's specifications are microscopically irregular, which leads it to gain autonomy and offer humans the option to ask it to do absolutely anything.

A man in a recovery ward is allowed to go out for a day to see his wife, but his discomfort in the outside world manifests as paranoia. He returns to the hospital early, where he finally feels normal.

A man resents his younger brother for having an easier life and more love from their friends and family, even as he desperately tries to win that adoration for himself.

Knowing that some things happen only once in a lifetime, a man walking down a street is convinced that he sees the girl of his dreams and wonders if fate is telling him to leave his wife.

A young teenage girl finds herself orphaned and alone, struggling to fit in with the community at her aunt and uncle's home. She manages to befriend an older girl who lives nearby, but this friendship exposes her to a dangerous old man who preys on young girls.

In Jim Crow North Carolina, a Black man new to town inadvertently becomes witness to a relationship between the town priest and a seventeen-year-old seminary student, and must stand trial when the priest is accused of statutory rape.

Shipwrecked on a planet whose extreme environment speeds their heart rates, generations of humans age rapidly, living only 8 days each and warring with one another for a cavern that extends the human lifespan to 11 days. When a young man and his girlfriend make it to the only remaining, functional ship, they find that, on the ship, their heartrates and lifespans are extended to normal.

After several months of too-quiet work at his first job in Tennessee, a young man finds himself inches from unexpected violence.

A young woman with a fear of going outside religiously follows the Cincinnati baseball team, tuning in every day on the radio. When the team makes it to the World Series, the woman's brother gets tickets to a game, leaving her to weigh her fear of the outdoors against her love of baseball.