Short stories tagged with Disapproval

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A man resents his younger brother for having an easier life and more love from their friends and family, even as he desperately tries to win that adoration for himself.

A high school cheerleader's uneventful life is shaken up when a crop duster—hired by her father to fly pesticides over his farm—comes to stay with them.

A bus filled with passengers from different walks of life begins its long journey. Everyone has different problems assailing their otherwise ordinary lives, but as the bus rolls along, these issues begin to be resolved for each through the unwitting actions of the others.

In 1988 Germany, a teenaged girl likes to probe her uptight family members for the rich stories they carry from their past. When her aunt—the black sheep of the family—comes to stay with them, the girl is fascinated by her free-spirited persona and the family secrets she may hold.