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Shortly after an Indian P.h.D. student is arrested for hiring a prostitute, he is released from prison and develops feelings for a P.h.D student working in the library, all while attempting to differentiate between love and desire.

A middle aged woman finds out shocking new details about her past while cleaning out the attic of her childhood home.

A couple live in the woods training greyhounds and raising their young son. When an unexpected guest overstays his visit, the husband takes matters into his own hands.

An elderly Russian man comes across a young American in a park and tells the young man about coming of age in Russia.

An older gentleman walks around his hometown of New York City and reminisces about the life he used to live there, only to find his home is not as familiar as he thought.

During her conversations with her mother, a daughter often muses about the past, both politically and personally. She discovers more about her mother but also about the world around her as she observes life and its souvenirs.

A man passes by a stranger he considers to be the 100% perfect girl for him and when he fails to strike up a conversation he imagines an alternate reality where they had met before.

In 1988 Germany, a teenaged girl likes to probe her uptight family members for the rich stories they carry from their past. When her aunt—the black sheep of the family—comes to stay with them, the girl is fascinated by her free-spirited persona and the family secrets she may hold.

A journalist interviews his favorite writer, only to discover that her seemingly science fiction novels are more realistic than he realized.

An old man in a hospital reconnects with his estranged younger brother who has come to visit. He also begins a correspondence with a woman he knew in Panang, and the two of them relive memories from the past.