Short stories tagged with Chronic Illness

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A man reflects on his teenage years and the death of his best friend's younger brother. Haunted by an incident shortly before the shocking death, the man laments having irreparably wronged the boy.

After a young woman is diagnosed with a grosteque sickness with no known cure, she desperately tries remedies to get better, but slowly loses control over her own life in the process.

As two friends, Bridget and Angela, grow older, their paths cross and diverge at pivotal moments in their lives while they both deal with the stress of family and marriage.

After a hit-and-run lands a suburban single mother in the hospital, her neighbors gossip about possible suspects, and her son grieves by her bedside.

In modern-day Philadelphia, an old, Korean married couple navigates the aging husband's Alzheimer's as best as they can. When the wife's secret that she also has a chronic disease comes out, her husband must fight to remember how to take care of their family.

An old man in a hospital reconnects with his estranged younger brother who has come to visit. He also begins a correspondence with a woman he knew in Panang, and the two of them relive memories from the past.

Estranged siblings work out their complex feelings about life, faith, and work through unsent correspondence. As they set out on different paths, they attempt to reconcile conflicting emotions amid the rocky intellectual and theological spheres of seventeenth-century France.