Short stories published in New England Review

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A Vietnamese near-centenarian living in New Orleans reminisces on wars he experienced, ideas he held, and countries he saw during the 20th century with the help of the ghost of an old friend: Ho Chi Minh.

A lonely young boy navigates his sexually-frustrated mother and closeted gay father's unhappy marriage.

A lovestruck journalist and a torn painter pull the threads of their affair in opposite directions: he desires something more permanent, while she feels indebted to her husband and sons.

An eight-year-old girl attends a family lunch with her aunt, uncles, and cousins. Family drama ensues as a baby is hidden from his grandmother, an uncle drinks too much alcohol, and children indulge in naughty conversation.

When her son is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, a woman on a job in England must find her way home and balance her work in architecture and life with her family in Chicago.

A freshman in college deals with loneliness and grief as she attends the weekly office hours of an English professor at her school, who happens to be the father of her friend who died of brain cancer.

An elderly woman shelters her grand-niece from a violent boyfriend, causing her to confront her own deeply-held regrets about her daughter's death.

A quest for a new toilet seat puts a young couple's love to the test in Venice.

A college girl discovers she has an older half sister and grapples with the aftermath of being sexually assaulted the previous year.

When a present-day Los Angeles eighth-grader embarks on her first sexual experience, her virtual and real-life social world slip out from under her feet almost immediately.