Short stories tagged with World War I

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A Vietnamese near-centenarian living in New Orleans reminisces on wars he experienced, ideas he held, and countries he saw during the 20th century with the help of the ghost of an old friend: Ho Chi Minh.

After suffering a battlefield injury during World War I, an English soldier develops persistent amnesia, making him fearful of his own actions during the memory blackouts.

A merchant in Austria tells stories to customers about the former Emperor during the Great War and their unlikely friendship — one that he feels impacted the trajectory of the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire.

During World War I, a librarian has her heart broken by a soldier overseas and she tries to overcome her sadness.

A young eleven-fingered Jewish pianist, who might fulfill the legacy of a 19th century virtuoso composer before her, falls victim to the political climate of Nazi Germany. A fictional biography about an eleven-fingered virtuoso pianist's the legacy, which dies with a Jewish child prodigy during the rise of Hitler's Germany.

Fifteen members of the United States Marines tell stories about their time serving in Europe during World War I.

A young man visiting his friend's girlfriend tries to figure out how to process his attraction towards. After a sudden tragedy, he is tasked with tracking her down and delivering old love notes from his friend.

When a World War I machinist stumbles into a mourning mother on a Sunday cruise through Paris, his decision to help her out with her son’s funeral gives way to some unforeseen hijinks.

A man reflects on his time as a newspaper boy during World War I. Overwhelmed by the horror of the headlines, he must confront harsh truths about morality during wartime.

A middle-aged writer-turned-community center professor finds her already scarce writing time in jeopardy when her husband’s mother suffers a drug overdose.