Short stories tagged with Vignettes

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During World War I, a librarian has her heart broken by a soldier overseas and she tries to overcome her sadness.

When a mother's memory begins to deteriorate, her daughter catalogs her memories, both the ones she does and doesn't remember.

In a small town, a resident watches as the people and place change. He recounts eight seemingly disparate stories, but the town connects them all.

An older woman has her seductive routine down to a t, but when her usual methods fail, she is surprised by her suitor's own methods.

In a small rural farm town, a middle-aged poet struggles with aging and finding meaning in his life.

A couple marry after being unfaithful to each other in a scintillating game of cat and mouse.

A series of interconnected vignettes and characters explores themes of race, incarceration, family, heartbreak, and love.

When an uncle's last-chance marriage brings a mysterious girl into a Russian-Canadian teenage boy's life, their burgeoning relationship upends his social standing and threatens to tear his family apart.

A wealthy family moves into a mansion on an island and raises several generations there. As the years pass, different family members show how things have both changed and also stayed the same within the house.

A series of "sketches" illustrating the perverse and horrific crimes perpetrated by soldiers during WW2.