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After a rich family purchases family land, they become obsessed with the lineage, bothering neighbors for information and mistaking silly childhood etchings for a rare discovery.

After a young woman's ninety-nine-year-old neighbor peacefully dies, the old woman's family asks her to sort through her belongings for them. To her surprise, the young woman finds treasures the short-sighted family overlooked and her luck turns for the better.

A wealthy family moves into a mansion on an island and raises several generations there. As the years pass, different family members show how things have both changed and also stayed the same within the house.

A young girl's mother goes to the hospital for an operation without explaining to her family what she is sick with or when she will return home.

After the first-born son of a family unknowingly passes the lethal Scarlet Fever to his younger brother, he lives with the guilt of his brother's tragic death throughout the rest of his adulthood.

A young girl understands the young life and affairs of her recently passed aunt through a combination of her mother's memory, oral history, and photographs.