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A woman hides from a hurricane in her home as her loved ones who have died pass through her house with haunting reminders of their deaths.

A couple of Angelenos realize in the middle of the night that the world is ending, decide to enjoy their last night together.

Despite living in a world where climate change has led to titanic hurricanes, ceaseless drought and famine, and an abandonment of the old world, a New York City father worries about his burgeoning art career.

News of a hurricane prompts an adult man to call his friend, and they reminisce about their past as partners in a drug-smuggling operation together.

A wealthy family moves into a mansion on an island and raises several generations there. As the years pass, different family members show how things have both changed and also stayed the same within the house.

In Galveston, Texas, in the year 1900, a wealthy businessman leaves his family on a train to Fort Worth and takes a ferry back to the island as part of an elaborate plot to murder a rival who dishonored his wife, planning to catch a later train; however, after the act is complete, he is trapped and killed in a hurricane, one of many deaths. His wife, safely in Forth Worth, learns of his death and continues an ongoing affair with his friend's son.

Protagonist Walter Stuart drives determinedly, with curious excitement, into a hurricane to save anyone who might be stuck. He weathers a torrential night with a stranded brother and sister, but by morning he has lost his mind and attempts to kill both of them.

Brother and sister share one last conversation over the rubble of their seaside village, devastated by hurricane just before the New Year. One of them is a ghost, salvaging memories of the past; the other is alive, finding ways to grieve the loss of their other half.