Short stories published in Southwest Review

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A white woman talks to several Negro slaves who tell her stories about their personal lives. She learns about their partners and their and families.

During World War II, a boy moves to the big city from agrarian Alabama. Astounded by the lack of greenery, he convinces a local gang to build a farm, but not everyone agrees with his plan.

Family difficulties force a young girl to live with her lonely aunt in the city. As worsening circumstances bring their relationship to a boil, a new friendship brings her unexpected solace.

After a man shoots a masked burglar who breaks into his home and pulls a gun on him, he is left to cope with the guilt of having taken a life.

Feeling unloved by her sisters, a woman elopes to Houston only for her marriage to swiftly fall apart and her cat to abandon her. However, an unexpected development allows her to reconcile with her sisters and finally be at peace.

A middle-aged tax consultant who is dissatisfied with life has a night that begins with a wrong address and ends in a liquor-fueled spoken-word poetry party.

After witnessing someone die, an egoistical man tries to live life more fully, only to be reminded by his sister that he hasn't really changed his selfish ways, and that everyone secretly dislikes him.

A young eleven-fingered Jewish pianist, who might fulfill the legacy of a 19th century virtuoso composer before her, falls victim to the political climate of Nazi Germany. A fictional biography about an eleven-fingered virtuoso pianist's the legacy, which dies with a Jewish child prodigy during the rise of Hitler's Germany.

In New York, a young woman befriends her quirky roommate, who is trying to make it as an actor. While she watches her roommate attempt to accomplish her dreams, the woman reflects on her own life’s direction and what possibilities (or lack of) lie ahead.

A family going for a ride in their new car makes a wrong turn onto an incredibly trafficked freeway leading to an unknown place.