Short stories published in 1960

Listing 25 stories.

A boy's grandmother diligently coaches the neighborhood grocery deliverer in his attempt to get a girlfriend.

A young girl loses her sense of self while trying to buy a present for her father, and realizes that she is out of money and has wasted an expensive trip drinking with her friends.

Feeling unloved by her sisters, a woman elopes to Houston only for her marriage to swiftly fall apart and her cat to abandon her. However, an unexpected development allows her to reconcile with her sisters and finally be at peace.

A woman finds herself impregnated out of wedlock by a man who suddenly decides that he will only marry a ‘pure’ woman. She conceals the pregnancy from him in order to go forward with the marriage, but his adultery and continued irresponsibility after their wedding give her a second chance at motherhood.

In a world where telling time is illegal, Newman is a death-row prisoner for attempting to do just that.

Chassidic Jew Joseph Gillis grapples with the artifice and hypocrisy of Harvard life, decrying the muddle of egoism and lunacy in the academic world even as he succumbs to it.

At a party in its 40th straight hour, a group of eccentric bureaucrats in DC discuss human behavior, music-without-instruments, and the laws of thermodynamics, while trying to keep the party from deteriorating into chaos

A man tells his assistant about his first marriage when they go on a business trip to Chicago after the company opens up a new branch in the building he used to live in with his first wife.

A family going for a ride in their new car makes a wrong turn onto an incredibly trafficked freeway leading to an unknown place.

A divorced playwright living in an expat community in Mexico spends a night ricocheting between a dilettantish friend's household, his play, his ex-wife, and his own demons as he descends into an intense marijuana high.