Short stories tagged with Unlikely Friendship

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A boy's grandmother diligently coaches the neighborhood grocery deliverer in his attempt to get a girlfriend.

In the far future, a human veteran adopts a war soldier, developing an unlikely friendship that helps each of them cope with the trauma of combat.

In the far future, a selfless woman helps a wary man flee from a destroyed Earth to the world beyond the solar system.

A sports announcer strikes up an unlikely friendship with a stubborn baseball player nearing the end of his career and tries to convince him to go home to his family. Despite a long, successful baseball career, Steve Sprissel isn't ready to return home to his children, until he befriends a sports announcer who's ready to change his mind.

A young boy befriends an older woman, much to his parents’ disapproval, and they enjoy each other’s company until her fateful departure from town.

When a depressed middle aged man strikes up a romance with his neighbor in a modern suburban American town, he consults women's magazines to make himself into the perfect lover.

Actor Kafuku finds an unlikely confidant in his quiet, self-assured new personal driver Misaki; divulging and discussing his feelings on the recent death of his beloved but unfaithful wife.

In the absence of his parents, a young boy reluctantly turns to his elderly maid for help when his piano teacher starts to make inappropriate advances on him.

Protagonist Walter Brickman strains against the protective bounds set by his daughter Barbara, who has cared for him and monitored his obsessive tendencies since his suicide attempt following the death of his wife. He works on his garden relentlessly, going through the motions of family life whilst confiding in a secret friend, finally triumphing as he escapes his daughter’s admonition and makes it to the fair to see his tomatoes have won first prize.

When an elderly woman's adult children accuse the woman's caretaker of stealing their family silver, the woman and caretaker make plans to flee.