Short stories published in 1925

Listing 19 stories.

An old man compares his new family with his old one as his daughter from a previous marriage comes to visit him.

An old sailor is tricked by his friend’s brother into sailing with his old crew into a bad storm. When he returns to the port, he plans his revenge but has a surprising change of heart in light of a friend's good news.

A young boy befriends an older woman, much to his parents’ disapproval, and they enjoy each other’s company until her fateful departure from town.

A lonely man in his forties imagines a domestic life with a woman he briefly met who is interested in his furniture, but not his marriage proposal.

A couple with a rocky marriage argues over fetching a newspaper, which becomes a catalyst for their impending divorce. When they unexpectedly reunite over a decade later, the former couple witnesses how their lives disparately transformed thanks to the fateful newspaper.

Two men suffering from the same neurological disorder must try to save one other from the disease in different ways.

A mixed-race planter in the deep South deals with the fallout of a shocked revelation after the birth of his son.

A young man gets wrapped up in the emotional exuberance of a religious celebration. In a daze, he visits a longtime friend and makes a frenzied proposition.

A lawyer has to prove that young man was only a chauffeur, never a business partner. The only issue is that the man's testimony is unbelievable.

The friend of a mentally unstable man who hates Christianity is dragged along on a bizarre quest as the unstable man attempts to stage an event in which a Christian is symbolically eaten by a lion.