Short stories tagged with Purpose

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A man who has given everything to his friend's farm equipment business fends off onslaughts personal, emotional, and professional even as the real threat eludes him completely.

An old man compares his new family with his old one as his daughter from a previous marriage comes to visit him.

A petulant young boy in Yugoslavia goes on vacation with his parents and his uncle and aunt. While there, he only stops complaining when his uncle tells unsettling stories about his childhood.

An aimless, twenty-two-year-old Californian man questions everything—from his job to his ability to take care of a potted plant—as a heat wave sweeps his town. Just when he's about to spiral, a life-changing act of heroism gives him unexpected clarity.

A man's lonely life focused on the pursuit of reason and music leaves him questioning what more there may be in the lives of other people and of religion.

A scientist reminisces about an old affair while he watches his time-machine lab burn down.

A bus driver drives an odd collection of people through a sleet storm and considers the real value of his profession as they face a dangerous road.

A man thinks back on his life as he prepares for death and wonders if his existence was meaningful, or simply fleeting.

A man intently studies extinct mammals to escape his wife and mistress, who often vent to him about their daily worries and give him anxiety.

After beginning his time at the University, a young man immediately finds that he is dissatisfied with the mundanity of his school life until his peers discover his skill at snooker.