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Multiple extramarital affairs come to a head years later, but the narrator circumvents them at the last moment.

When a young man moves in with his pregnant girlfriend's family in the Pacific Northwest, he feels increasingly trapped by his girlfriend's secrets, her brother's drunken behavior, and the demanding land on the family's orchard.

When a young boy witnesses an odd event from the window of his small-town house, he begins to doubt the stability of the world around him.

After a dangerous encounter with a predatory artist in the 1980s, a former artist-turned-housewife tries to imbue her oblivious teenage daughter with that same fear of men that leaves her cold decades later.

A middle-aged, male photojournalist from the Midwest reports in Afghanistan alongside a journalist from England. The photojournalist ponders death and human conflict as his day spirals into disarray and the English journalist’s malaria becomes frighteningly serious.

A grieving mother who lost her son to cancer repeatedly trespasses on a military base in an attempt to photograph dead bodies returning from combat.

A young woman who is overweight explores her sexuality by dating many different men, but when a photographer falls in love with her and wants to keep her body to himself, he develops an extreme and dangerous jealousy.

Decades after a woman's marriage fell apart, she watches her home movies and remembers everything that came to pass and her own role in events.

When a young woman's father, a famous photographer, passes away, she thinks that life will be better out from under her father's overbearing eye — and camera — but she finds that her grief is greater than she had expected.

A mother and her two children host an Indonesian diplomat for the United Nations. A humorous moment of miscommunication allows the family and the diplomat to bond.