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The daughter of a recently-deceased actress discovers that the man she thinks is her father may not be—and that she might actually be the offspring of a highly acclaimed actor who just so happens to be in town.

A girl's brother commits suicide and she relives the moments leading up to his death as if he is alive again in the present.

On the planet where humans are second-class citizens to the reptilian Peshari, a man nearing his death violates Peshari funeral customs in favor of an Earth burial. His defiance reveals a fatal flaw in his enemies.

A mother in a 19th century prairie town engages in a prolonged mourning process for her dead husband as she faces more tragedies and avoids her shady father-in-law.

A woman on a plane tells a story of how her younger brother started speaking to a sinister, unknown creature at night after their father's death.

A man visiting a quaint town runs into a local family and their ritual surrounding the dead.

After a man's suicide, his former wife and sister live together. at odds with one another as they differently processes their feelings of grief.

Blood, sweat, and castrating broncos. A white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s lived it for one day.

When a young girl in a contemporary northwestern American town dies, one of her neighbors and former friends rethinks her relationship with death.

A young woman makes a detour on her way home to visit a man she met on a train. Though the man is married, the woman hopes to rekindle the spark she felt during the train-ride.