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On the planet where humans are second-class citizens to the reptilian Peshari, a man nearing his death violates Peshari funeral customs in favor of an Earth burial. His defiance reveals a fatal flaw in his enemies.

In 19th century Charleston, South Carolina, a middle aged Black woman uses her family tea to revive Black corpses. One night, she makes a shocking discovery about the man who's kept the bodies hidden.

While working through the complexities of her past relationship with her ex-husband, a woman considers her current boyfriend's marriage proposal as she prepares for a graveyard picnic.

Every year, in a small town overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, fourteen children are invited to the Skullpocket Fair, a carnival run by ghouls. But only the strongest will survive and be indoctrinated into the ghouls’ theocratic cult.

A young girl and her brother find treasures in the empty grave plots of their family's graveyard.