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After a Hispanic shop owner witnesses an act of infidelity, the husband of the cheating wife kills her in what he believes to be an act of honor.

A man is forced to confront his disdain for religion when he develops a relationship with a Jewish woman who converts to Islam. Even after separating, their differing approaches to faith cause them to continually clash until the man finally recognizes what divides them.

A father who watches his Portuguese neighbors become blessed by material gifts after the death of their father contemplates his own uselessness and begins to believe that his family would be better off without him.

Two longtime friends move in together during the COVID pandemic. When one friend's daughter starts to confide in the other friend, the mother becomes jealous.

After returning the I CAN SPEAK mask for babies, which plays and simulates sophisticated speech, a woman receives a lengthy letter from an overly-enthusiastic sales rep about the mask's ability to make babies more intelligent and loveable.

As a woman slips in and out of sleep, her dreams become windows to moments in her life.

An apathetic elementary school teacher learns the true meaning of her role when she and her student become victims of a violent pair of intruders.

A recently married couple quarrels about their aspirations and fears for the future while walking through the park.

A tired mother works to maintain her family life while dealing with her spiteful husband who just got fired from his job and is willing to go on strike to get his position back.

A thief and con artist from the city attempts to trick a farmer's wife out of her money.