Short stories by Charles Caldwell Dobie

Charles Caldwell Dobie (March 15, 1881 - January 11, 1943) was an author and historian in San Francisco.[1] His novel The Blood Red Dawn was adapted into the movie The Inner Chamber in 1921. His stories were published in magazines and included in anthologies. He also received honors for his work. He wrote several novels. His work featured his hometown, San Francisco. The Bancroft Library at the University of California at Berkeley has a collection of his papers.[2] Dobie was born in San Francisco.[2] He wrote the Bohemian Grove play for 1920 and was photographed at the grove by a portrait of himself by Gabriel Moulin.

Listing 3 stories.

An older man goes off on a quest through the desert to find a fortune despite there seeming to be no hope.

A thief and con artist from the city attempts to trick a farmer's wife out of her money.

A young man tells the story of his first love after smelling a perfume that reminds him of the woman from his childhood.