Short stories tagged with Western

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After watching a cattle drive on the Great Plains, a cow tells her young a grim tale of the cattle who get sent to factories to be slaughtered and the one cow who escaped.

A young male writer is hired by the prince to write a story about the land the prince is governing. However, when the prince's life is in danger, the writer tries to protect his employer at all costs.

A group of friends experienced in river navigation brave an infamously dangerous set of rapids, though some of them are more thrill-seeking than others.

An older man goes off on a quest through the desert to find a fortune despite there seeming to be no hope.

A motley crew of hobos jump between trains and travel through various towns in search of jobs and learn the importance of companionship amidst hardships.

A fifteen-year old orphan leaves his job helping at a ranch in Montana to go on a roundup, where he befriends a man who is secretly an outlaw.

An Englishman mysteriously arrives in small-town Wyoming, and quickly assimilates into the local culture until a man from his past unexpectedly arrives.

Two western style cowboys enter a frontier town on a job from a rich crime lord looking for his ex-wife who betrayed him.