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When a notebook full of top-secret designs is looted from a Brooklyn saloon, a Latino drummer and his inventor girlfriend must go on a quest to retrieve it from a rival Manhattan gang.

A famous poet wakes up in the afterlife but wishes to be alive, and death offers her a deal. If she kills a boy, she can live for 25 more years.

A veteran NYC cop takes a robot designed to replace him out on the beat, and almost loses his job.

In 1000 BC, a fortune teller’s ominous prophecies of destruction to come dampens the mood at a luxurious dinner party held in the Northern Africa city of Audoghast.

In an fantastical Russia, a flower shop owner thinks he recognizes a strange woman on the street—and almost loses everything trying to remember who she is.

In a segregated America at the onset of World War II, strange, explosive “stumps”—formed out of spores and resembling wooden statues of the recently deceased—have begun to appear all over cities. To neutralize and remove these stumps, a new government agency has employed a group of singers whose unique vocal resonance can turn the stumps to dust. But when the only two Black female “exterminators” in Chicago—a God-fearing goody two-shoes and a brash blues singer—uncover the agency's corrupt secrets, they decide to stage a rebellion.

A bombardier is selected to drop an atomic bomb on Japan, but he is morally opposed to his assignment.

A burned-out State Department official takes a job at what he thinks is a new, Black-only civilization, only to discover a horrifying case of wholesale cannibalism.

Two western style cowboys enter a frontier town on a job from a rich crime lord looking for his ex-wife who betrayed him.