Short stories tagged with Bribery

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A veteran NYC cop takes a robot designed to replace him out on the beat, and almost loses his job.

A woman and her friends attempt to steal money from a Dominican stash house in New York. Their plans go horribly wrong: the woman's friends die and she barely gets away with the money and her life.

When a cowboy takes another man’s boots, a miscommunication causes his host to blame his horse for the man’s death.

When a middle-aged man from a Jewish household goes to visit his father in the hospital, he learns that his father was not born Jewish but unofficially converted and was never circumcised. The man must now find a way to have his father circumcised so he can be buried next to his late wife in a cemetery only for Orthodox Jews.

A correctional officer gives an inmate's female visitor a ride into Sacramento and soon becomes entangled in her secrets — and also finds himself on the verge of becoming a millionaire.

After his cellmate and sexual partner leaves for parole, an inmate forms a new relationship and moves into a room with three other men, but he struggles to adapt to this new life, which involves a whole new set of expectations.