Short stories published in 1970

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Humanity has eliminated all plants and animals in a futuristic world that isn't meant for human consumption. One man refuses to kill his pet animals and plants, and the government tries to convince him to comply.

When a sixteen-year-old boy from Indiana visits his uncle to learn more about the family newspaper, he learns about the true life of his deceased father and goes to the spot where he died.

A Canadian schoolteacher sets up shop on a tiny, near-barren island off the coast of Labrador. Before long, what begins as a peaceful new life full of love and community becomes a cold, icy prison.

A young couple hitchhiking to a commune accept drugs from the trucker driving them. High and hallucinating, they must appease the unpredictable trucker while keeping him at a safe distance.

After their father's accidental murder of a white man is revealed, two young Black girls scramble to save their father from a lifetime of prison.

A young woman who is overweight explores her sexuality by dating many different men, but when a photographer falls in love with her and wants to keep her body to himself, he develops an extreme and dangerous jealousy.

Compiling notes for an English essay, a sixteen-year-old girl recounts her middle-class upbringing, kleptomania, and eventual coercion into prostitution and assisting with drug use. After she suffers violence and abuse, she is eventually rescued — but the experience traumatizes her.

Climbing up a hill in the Bay Area, a man plans how to impress his favorite writer with a gift of a rare book. The man's three-year-old son, however, has other plans.

After arriving at the scene of a motorcycle crash, a policeman must manage the emotions of his partner while also dealing with the gruesomeness of the scene.

After a mysterious boat accident, a man loses his memory and is welcomed into his girlfriend's family's home, but the family devolves into conflict and chaos.