Short stories published in Epoch

Listing 25 stories.

The males of a family and their neighbor set off to a nearby mountain during winter to retrieve a CAT rig in order to maintain their lumber business, but are forced to contest with extraordinary natural forces as they do so.

In 1920s New York, a young boy watches his mother fall in love with a new man, only for that man to unexpectedly pass away and the family's savings to be lost.

After the new boy at the circus falls to his death while attempting a trick, his higher-ups wrestle with guilt at the accident and try to escape taking responsibility.

A man recalls the story of a young family in a small town during the Great Depression who were forced to make ends meet in clandestine ways.

Imprisoned in a German prisoner of war camp, an American soldier fights for his morals while succumbing to enemy threats.

A barista in a small Massachusetts town with a cynical outlook on vulnerability and love finds herself moved to reconsider the possibility of romance with her manager after she and her co-workers stay up late dancing with two clients, a quadriplegic man and his personal assistant, and sharing stories.

After a man's wife dies in childbirth, he hires a nanny to take care of his children. The children develop a loving relationship with the nanny, while the father brings in numerous stepmothers.

A young boy and his classmates meet Ms. Ferenczi, a strange substitute teacher with intense travel stories and peculiar mathematical theories to share. However, her comments become controversial and the children must decide if they want her around the classroom.

A current university professor and former soldier sits serenely in his office until two students, who are actually his former army colleagues, enter for essay help. The three boys discuss a possible essay topic about a real attack that involved of the army lieutenants of their time.

When a Cuban American high schooler decides to attend college out-of-state, she must confront her ambiguous feelings about her family, hometown, and identity from a distance over the next several years.