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The daughter of a recently-deceased actress discovers that the man she thinks is her father may not be—and that she might actually be the offspring of a highly acclaimed actor who just so happens to be in town.

In the 1950s, a young girl tells her neighbor that her mother is dead. The neighbor is dubious, until she realizes that the young girl may be telling the truth.

After a man's wife dies in childbirth, he hires a nanny to take care of his children. The children develop a loving relationship with the nanny, while the father brings in numerous stepmothers.

After his wife's death, a man struggles with his belief in God and with taking care of his young daughters as a single father. But when someone is brutally murdered in the rural countryside, the man finds both a welcome distraction in bringing justice to the killer and an unlikely ally along the way.

A thirty-year-old deputy in rural Ohio finds the body of a drug dealer hidden off the side of the road. He finds a way to frame his criminal father and brother for the crime—unable as he is to arrest them for the plethora of other crimes they have committed—all without leaving any trace of his involvement.

After he loses his mother, a father feels unmoored and lashes out at his family as the winter solstice arrives.