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When an Iraq veteran goes missing, his friends reenact their wartime routines to lure him out of hiding.

When a man marries a princess from Cimmeria, a country he believes he imagined into existence, he must come to terms with a culture that recognizes twins as a single person—a primary and their shadow—and the lengths a shadow twin would go to in order to become their own person.

Decades after a woman's marriage fell apart, she watches her home movies and remembers everything that came to pass and her own role in events.

Abusive ex-boyfriend Will shouldn't be looking at his old girlfriend's social media, especially when she has a restraining order against him for stalking. But he's the only one who notices when she goes missing, and he might need to follow her once more in order to save her life.

A man returns to New Hampshire after years of hiding from his past to handle his dead father's affairs. When he encounters an old friend-turned-enemy and a local girl goes missing, the past he tried to run away from comes to light in a heart-racing turn of events.

A thirty-year-old deputy in rural Ohio finds the body of a drug dealer hidden off the side of the road. He finds a way to frame his criminal father and brother for the crime—unable as he is to arrest them for the plethora of other crimes they have committed—all without leaving any trace of his involvement.

Attempting to have fun for once, a teenage girl witnesses death at an oceanside beach party.

After his twin brother's disappearance, Doug has become haunted by childhood memories and fruitlessly determined to understand where Danny went.

With her tendency to get lost in thought, a woman goes to see a play with her husband but realizes that he has gone missing on the walk over.

Two men pilot a small commercial flight onto a landing strip in Canada to find the de-icing crew nonresponsive and strange lights emerging from the woods.