Short stories published in Redbook

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A man remembers a fateful autumn during his junior year of high school, which he spent playing football in apple orchards, riding in his best friend's car, and falling in love.

Attempting to have fun for once, a teenage girl witnesses death at an oceanside beach party.

Gang member, writer, and Mexican American teen Chato de Shamrock drops out of school to focus on his art: filling every nook and cranny of Eastside LA with his name.

A man learns the exact date and time of his death from a fortune teller, and, when the day comes, he visits his ex-girlfriend's house, hoping to turn it into a grand performance for her and her children.

When two actors in New York fall in love and get married not long after World War II, they deal with the failures of their careers and are forced to look outside of the acting industry to make a living.